Betrothal过大礼 –HAKKA 客家 Premium


Betrothal Red Basket 过大礼红礼蓝 x 2
Rental of 1 Betrothal Basket


Dragon Candles 龙烛一对 x 1 pair


Phoenix Candle 风烛一对 x 1 pair


Prosperous Red Tray 双喜托盘


5 Colour Auspicious Seeds 五色豆两包x 2 Packets


4 Treasure Jin Guo 四京果各两包x 2 Packets each


Sweet Beginnings 甜蜜喜糖各两包x 2 Packets each


Dragon & Phoenix Auspicious Biscuit Set 龙风喜饼 x 2 Boxes


1)      Dragon & Phoenix Cake with Lotus Seed Paste 龙风对饼

2)      Red Bean Pastry豆沙酥饼

3)      Green Bean Pastry 豆蓉酥饼

4)      Lotus Paste Pastry 双喜莲蓉酥

Dried Sugared Oranges圆满吉饼x 2 Packets


Prosperous Abacus算盘 x 1


Red Door Banner with Yellow Frills 大门红布 (9ft) x 2


Alcohol Organza Bag x 2 装酒沙袋2个


Double Happiness Bag 双喜袋


Pin Jin Ang Bao 聘金红包


Li Jin Ang Bao 养育之恩礼金封


Double Happiness Small Stickers 双喜小贴子 x 1







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