Premium Modern Dowry Set 嫁妆配套


Wedding Ceremony Tea Set 孝心茶具


Wedding Ceremony Bowl Set 丰衣足食夫妻对碗


A Pair of Prosperity Lamps 添丁床头灯


Needle Box Set 百子千孙针线盒
(includes needle box, 12 color threads, needles, pin cushion, measuring tape, pair of red scissors, unity coins & 1 red packet)


 5 pc Ceramic Baby Prosperity Set子孙宝桶


Prosperity Charcoal 旺炭


Bed Room Slippers老公老婆拖鞋 x 2 Pairs


Dragon Phoenix Chopsticks同心筷子 x 2 Pairs

Face Towel Set 双喜对面巾


Mini 5 Color Auspicious Seeds五色豆


Double Happiness Bag 双喜袋


Lace Red Fan 新娘扇子






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